An Important Thing I Have to Say (Please Read)


Yesterday I went to the doctors to check up on a rash I got about a week ago. I was then diagnosed with a highly contagious form of scabies, which did not please my bosses at work. Because of this contagious rash, I can’t go back to work until it is cleared, which based on other cases I researched might take up to 3 weeks to heal.

I can’t really sacrifice that time because my family is in a huge financial slump at the moment due to my dad dying earlier this year without filing for any life insurance. This left my family paying for most of that situation out of our own pockets, which left us with barely any money to help ourselves.

My mom and I are essentially living paycheck by paycheck and my sister can’t even find a good job to help out at the moment. Now that I have scabies, I can’t even go back to work to get money, so mom’s stuck trying to help us by herself at the moment. It doesn’t even help that one of my dias is now hanging out in our house, mooching off of us without helping our situation.

That’s why I need your help people. I need help with my family, who’s barely making it one time at a week. I need help paying for my medication and for keeping everyone I know from drowning in the deep end.

I made this post on my art blog a while ago and I’d really like for you guys to consider this because my family really needs help right now. I really need help right now. Please, we need as much help as we can.

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There is a wonderful girl I met named Maia.

Maia is 23 years old and she has a good talent for art. She is a bit naïve, but kind hearted and an overall sweet person.

Maia is being abused.

Her mother has been belittling her, making her feel hopeless, afraid, useless,…

Got kicked out….



If anyone can give some financial support. Even 20$ helps. 

 Please donate to

Thank you, even if reblogging is all you can do, it still helps!
I love you all!

((A friend of mine is in trouble, if you can please donate to her through Paypal.))


So, with 3 tablets that don’t work…. I’m out of luck.
So, I’m looking for 6 guest artists, to help Gingy keep going, while I move, and try to make enough money to survive.

Thanks to donations, and help from others, my goal of getting out early December is very close.
In the…






Here is a first. True plea for help. 
I can’t deny it anymore, I have to suck it up, and just ask.

I don’t have a tablet anymore, I don’t have a stable mind anymore. I can’t keep doing this. 
Please if you can help at all. 

Even if reblogging.
 Thank you.

She needs help in any way possible.

Also, if anyone wants a link to a donation button. (Was just asked about one.) 
Here’s one.

Just want to update everyone. 
I am 400$ from my goal. Which originally at the start of the day was almost 800$ away. 
So… Thank you everyone! 

I won’t be able to move out until either late November, or early December… 

 But, again. 
Thank you everyone. 
I just want to show my gratitude, for everything everyones done to help me.

Do whatever it takes to hold on to that money. Do NOT let your terrible mom take it away from you.

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In desperate need of money, opening a donation stream going to run almost all night. Cept doing dishes at some point. I will be running till midnight at least.

I will not start drawing, until I receive a donation. A drawing will be acquired by a donation of $15 or more.

I will have limited to no internet after tonight, I need to look into other methods of internet, but need money to do so.

Paypal will be sent in the chat.

Thank you. 

Sorry for reblogging this here but this is actually a REALLY huge emergency. This person is practically being trapped in her own home and is being cut off from the world against her will and she needs to get OUT of that situation DESPERATELY.

So please, if you can, help her.

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Yo, sorry for the lack of updates recently, been really busy with college and I can’t think of anything. Maybe when S4 comes around next month, things will kick up a bit.

If you want some sort of contact, this is my modblog. There I reblog stuff and do an occassional doodle.

I will be back, soon…



Apparently my art has once again been stolen, and after facing this countless of times already I’m sick and tired.. Please those who have an Instagram it would make me more than happy if you can help me out and report the art thief.

Sadly I don’t use Instagram so I don’t know how it works.:C…

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Hey guys.

I hate to do this, but I’m on my last rope. The current place I’m staying at isn’t working out. The father is kicking me out and I am going to be forced to live in my car. Winter is coming so… I may freeze.

I have no where to go unless I can get the money together to get an apartment, and most places in my price range want both first and last months rent to start off with. I don’t have a lot of money to start with… I hate to beg but if you can please donate whatever you can. It would mean the world to me and I may actually get a place to live. 

Just so you guys know, I did just land a job, but I’m not set to start working until AFTER I Get kicked out. I’m in a bit of a panic mode, so if you guys can pitch in as much as you can I would be eternally grateful. Thank you!!!

I have links to my paypal and my  Gofundme Which you can receive perks for donating. And If you cant thats fine just please help signal boost this so I dont have to freeze in a car. 




Signal boost for a friend in need, check his blog for other posts that may have more details to it! <3